Told my mum I wanted to go for a walk…

…and she’s like "Maybe Eva will take you." So I’m all, “She can’t. She’s gotta go to work.” Mum says hella reluctantly, "Well maybe I’ll take you out later…"

But it’s so obvious she doesn’t want to, so I tell her it doesn’t matter and that Eva will probably go on her next day off.

Literally two minutes later my mum is like "I have to get out of here." I ask her where is she going and she says “I dunno, probably for a walk or something.” 

Seriously, she may not complain about me not wanting to do anything with her ever again. 

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When people are like… ‘Chihuahuas aren’t real dogs’

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When my mum likes and comments on everything I post on Facebook…

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people that are dorks but also sexually attractive need to either stay away from me or get very very close to me

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do i want a dragon or do i want to be a dragon

This is how I feel about hot guys. 

Oh yeah…


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do i want a dragon or do i want to be a dragon

This is how I feel about hot guys. 

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I feel like I’m two different people.

One when someone else takes a photo of me.
And another when I take a selfie. 

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Sometimes I wish someone would Catfish me just so I could feel loved without the pressure of ever having to actually interact with them in person.. or you know, dress in outside clothes instead of pjs, brush my hair and leave the house. 

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I love the internet. <3
…And Enjolras. 
Probably Enjolras more.
No, definitely Enjolras more.
He fine. 

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How are you even supposed to act when you can hear your parents bitch about you and your sister behind your back in the other room, but then to your face they just act like everything is fine? :/ 

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Made me laugh so much! 

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